Calisthenics exercises

The ancient Greeks where already practicing calisthenics thousands of years ago. Today calisthenics exercises becoming more and more popular. The American College of Sports Medicine lists body-weight training, also known as calisthenics, as the second highest fitness trend for 2020.

The exercises are meant to build a strong and athletic body.  Once you can easily perform the beginner exercises, start with the intermediate workouts and then gradually move on to the advanced exercises to continuously challenge your muscles.

Beware to always warm up before you hit the street with calisthenics and allow for sufficient rest in between your workouts for optimal muscle recovery.

Calisthenics exercises for each muscle group

Here’s a list of popular calisthenic exercises

We’ve created an archive with the most popular calisthenics.
Click on the exercises to get a brief description and/or video tutorial

action street workout move


The switchblade is a dynamic move for advanced athletes. When you’re able to perform many pull-ups and muscle-ups, it’s time to try something new! The

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Human Flag Street Workout

Human Flag

The human flag is an advanced street workout move. Even for experienced athletes this is one of the more difficult exercises. The human flag requires

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Planche street workout


So, you want to learn how to hold a full planche position? Great! When you have the discipline and follow the steps below, then you will

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Chest dips street workout

Chest Dips

Chest dips are similar to triceps dips, but they target your pectorals instead of your triceps. Key is that you go lower than with triceps

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fingertip push-ups street workout

Fingertip push-ups

The fingertip push-up is a push-up variant which requires a lot strength in your fingers. This exercise will increase strength in your forearms and fingers. When

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