Clapping push-ups are a form of plyometric exercise. This means that the movement is more dynamic and explosive than the regular push-ups which is more controlled.  Clapping push-ups are great for developing explosive strength in your arms.

clapping push-up street workoutHow to do clapping push-ups

  • Start in a regular push-up position with your arms at shoulder width.
  • Lower yourself to the ground until your chest almost hits the ground.
  • Push yourself up with explosive strength. Aim to get yourself as far off of the ground as you can.
  • Your hands should leave the ground for one or two seconds, so clap your hands before landing.

Plyometric push-up variations

Getting bored of one clap push-ups? The clapping or plyometric push-up can be done many variations. Try to clap twice or three times before you hit the ground again for instance. Once you get more experienced you can also try clapping behind your back. See the video below for more options and plyometric push-up examples.