The fingertip push-up is a push-up variant which requires a lot strength in your fingers. This exercise will increase strength in your forearms and fingers. When your fingers aren’t strong enough yet, we recommend to start with a plank position on your fingertips and try to hold this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Ultimately you can try to beat the world record for one-arm push-ups on one finder!

fingertip push-ups street workoutHow to start with the fingertip push-up

In fact any push-up variation can be performed on your fingertips. You only have to make sure that your hand-palm does not touch the ground and that your fingers are strong enough to hold your body weight. You can start with a plank position on your fingertips and later on start with push-ups on 10 fingertips and slowly progress towards less fingertips by the time you become stronger.


Exercises that will increase your finger strength

  • Fingertip plank position on two hands (Hold for at least 10 sec before you start with push-ups)
  • Fingertip plank position on 1 hand.
  • Regular push-ups on your finger tips.
  • Fingertip plank position on 6 fingers (3 fingers each hand)
  • Fingertip plank position on 2 fingers each hand
  • One arm fingertip push-up
  • OK, and many more variations, you get it right?