The nutrition plan below shows you an example of a daily diet that is suitable for growing muscles. This diet is just an average guideline for athletes who weight approximately 80kg and who train up to 3 times a week. You can (and should) always adjust the serving sizes to your personal needs. The bigger you are and the heavier you train, the more food you need!

Muscle building diet

Waking up: After a night of sleep your body lost a lot of body fluids, so start the day with sufficient water and a protein shake.

Breakfast: Take 250 grams of cottage cheese and add a few table spoons of muesli and 2 pieces of fruit for additional fibers and vitamins. (Take a kiwi, blue berries or an apple for instance).

Complement your breakfast with a chicken filet sandwich.

In between: In the morning between breakfast and lunch, you can eat a hand full of nuts and another piece of fruit.Muscle building diet - pasta salad

Prepare a chicken pasta salad for lunch. Take 100 grams of paste and 200 grams of chicken. Add some fresh tomatoes, cucumber and pesto. Instead of chicken you can also choose a can of tuna. Tuna is full of protein! When you’re in a hurry or think this is too much work, than just take 3 or 4 sandwiches witch chicken filet or tuna salad.

In between: In the afternoon you can take a muesli bar or protein bar and make sure you drink enough water or tea throughout the day.

wok mealDinner: take 200 to 300 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of carbs (rice, pasta or potatoes) and 200 grams of meat. To give you some idea: cook some rice and put mixed vegetables including chicken in a wok. Add some Asian sauce or curry and within 10 minus you have a delicious and healthy meal!

After training: Usually I train in the evening, after my training I take another protein shake and a banana or apple.

Before sleep: During the night your body will recover and build new muscle mass. So before going to bed you can eat another 250 grams of cottage cheese. This will give your body sufficient protein and building blocks for that extra muscle mass!

Remember that eating healthy and taken enough rest is just as important as regular exercise. Read more about the amount of rest your body needs for optimal performance.