Moves DB – Calisthenics


Moves DB is designed to give you the resources and motivation you need to exercise regularly and develop your calisthenics and street workout skills.MovesDB app

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Train and track:

– Workout log for dynamic and isometric exercises
– Automatic rest timer
– Stopwatches with countdowns and alarms
– Interval Training Timer – Great for HIIT, Tabata etc.
– Attach YouTube videos and descriptions to your exercises, routines and projects

Build routines:

– Traditional routines
– Supersets
– Routines in cycles / circuits
– Interval training routines

Get motivated:

– Take app-generated challenges!
– Create fitness projects with step-by-step evaluation based on your results!
– Share your workouts
– Download community created routines and fitness projects!
– Join community groups and meet other users!