Pull-ups 2 - BLACKDAYTraditional pull-ups should be part of every street workout program. They form the basis of many other street workout moves. Pull-ups are usually performed from an overhead bar or tree branch. Grasp the bar with your palms facing away and your hands positioned slightly wider than your shoulders. Hang from the bar without your feet touching the ground. Exhale, bend your elbows and pull your chin over the bar. Pause for one second at the top, then straighten your arms and slowly lower to the starting position.

When you can easily do many pull-ups, then it might be time to try the muscle-up or a one-arm pull-up!

Pull up - hurricanehank

Beginner pull-up variations

When you’re new to street workouts, then it might be hard to do 10 pull-ups. You could start with some easier pullups on a lower bar while your feet rest on the ground as shown below:

pull up easypull up easy - Sidarta

Advanced pull-up variations

More experienced athletes who look for more challenge, could progress towards one-arm pull ups, although that is a major step in difficulty. The pull-up exercises shown below are some good examples to start with:

pull up variationpull up variation 2 - lithian

one arm pull up