The squat is a well know exercise to train your legs and get a nice and round gluteal muscles. But to grow your muscles it is important to vary your exercises. This will give your muscles new impulses to grow. Therefor we show you a few alternatives to squats.
Because your butt is a group of muscles that you use throughout the day (for example, when you stand up), it is important to train it a lot. To get satisfying results, you need to train at least once or twice a week. The heavier the load, the stronger and bigger your gluteal muscles should evolve to handle the load. For the growth of the gluteal muscles, it is important that the load is increased every week. But also keep in mind to take enough rest to let your muscles recover.

Here are some squat alternatives to consider

  • LungesLunges

Lunges are a very good exercise to train the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. Lunges can be performed anywhere and any time. To add more variation to your routine, you could also perform walking lunges or jumping lunges. This way you will grow gluteal muscles in no-time!

  • Jump on higher object

Jumping onto a box or other higher object like a park bench is similar to squats, but it’s more explosive and dynamic. This squat alternative might be more fun and besides that, you can make it more challenging by jumping with one leg!

  • Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks may look a little weird, but they isolate your gluteal muscle which makes it very a effective exercise! Donkey kicks are not that difficult and can be performed anywhere.

  • The Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge is an effective exercise to train you glutes, but also your core body. Once you master the glute bridge you can make it harder by lifting one leg in the air.

Need more inspiration?

Check out the video below with lots of other calisthenics leg workout variations.