Wall sit (with one leg)

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Wall sit street workoutThe wall sit is a simple street workout to perform, but it can be very challenging at the same time. With this exercise you train the endurance of your upper legs. You thought a 5 minute wall sit is tough? Well according to Guinniss world records the longest static wall sit is 11 hr 51 min 14 sec achieved by Dr. Thienna Ho (Vietnam) at the World Team USA Gymnasium in San Francisco, California, USA, on 20 December 2008!

How to perform a proper wall sit

Place your back against the wall or another unmovable object like a tree. Put your legs in an angle of 90 degrees (like you pretend to sit on a chair).

You can start a challenge with your friends and see who can stay in this positions the longest. To make it a bit harder, you can raise one leg straight in front of you and make a wall sit with one leg.